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Mitzi Batterson - winery manager / owner

Mitzi has been involved in the Virginia wine industry for over a decade, and currently serves as President of the Virginia Wineries Association. An alumna from both the College of William & Mary (Bachelor’s) and the University of Virginia (Doctorate), Mitzi’s specialties lie in the sciences – mainly Biochemistry. She works closely with her husband, James, in order to produce and promote Virginia wine as a singular entity, as well as smaller, family-owned wineries; her most prized possessions (her two young sons) are frequent sights around the Tasting Room. Both are believed to be future vintners.

  Mitzi Batterson of James River Cellars Winery

James Batterson - winemaker / owner

James has also been immersed in Virginia wine for over a decade, yet crafts most of his work behind the scenes. He currently develops over fifteen different styles of Virginia-grape wine, when his attention is not required by James River Grounds Management - for which he is one of the owners. James is also a graduate of the College of William & Mary, where Mitzi and he first crossed paths.


Sebastian Nagy - vineyard manager / assistant winemaker

Sebastian comes to us from his native Hungary, where he earned his Master’s degree in viticulture from the University of St. Stephen. Sebastian (or Sebi, affectionately) grows all of the grapes used by James River Cellars, and enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children even more than he prefers to be outdoors. Sebastian is a rare sight around the Tasting Room, as his presence is almost constantly required in the vineyard.

  Sebastian Nagy of James River Cellars Winery

Alexander Morgan – assistant general manager

Alexander just earned his Master’s in English from Virginia Commonwealth University, and is a native of Charlottesville. After driving between the two cities for over a year, Alexander transplanted himself in Glen Allen in order to be closer to work and school. He is responsible for everything that happens during regular business hours onsite, and is entrusted with the integrity of the wine after manufacture. Going wherever he is needed, it is not uncommon to find Alexander in odd venues or circumstances.

Dennis Domayer – ABC manager Emeritus

The longest tenured pourer at James River Cellars, Dennis has seen it all. His wife and he were driving by in the summer of 2001, and stopped in for a wine tasting. Then he never left. Dennis retired from the state, yet occupies his spare time by joking with customers and gauging the quality of James’ work from vintage to vintage. With a background in teaching history, be careful of his tastings – you will learn something.
Julie, Laura, and Angela – ABC managers

These ladies make up our wonderful, part-time sales staff. Each of them works an additional, full-time job, though both admit that chatting with customers on the weekends is more fun than work, and we frequently rely on both them to assist us with evening events. We wish we had them more often!

Ray Lazarchic - founder

Ray developed the vineyard in 1998, and founded the winery in 2001. Father of Mitzi, Ray now spends more time enjoying his son-in-law’s product than he does actually working around the company.

  Ray Lazarchic of James River Cellars Winery

Charlie - the cat

It is with a heavy heart we need to share some sad news with you concerning our beloved rogue feline mascot, Charlie. Charlie succumbed to an illness on Wednesday, July 17th. He was with family, in the arms of James Batterson, when his time came. We have all been very saddened by his passing, and we have been struggling with our grief as we were unable to put into words to share this news with you all before now. In our time of sorrow, we request you to remember Charlie and all the wonderful times he brought to us here at James River.

"Remember me with smiles and laughter
for that's the way I will remember you.."

Charlie the Cat, 2000-2013



11008 Washington Hwy
Glen Allen, VA 23059
(804) 550-7516